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What it's like to be part of the biggest indoor wakeboard setup in the world. Come see us every January at the Toronto Boat Show.

Cable WAKEBOARDING is very similar to Boat WAKEBOARDING except that instead of being pulled by a motorboat, the rider is pulled by an electric-powered cable system.


A cable system operates on the same concept of the common "T-Bar" system used for winter ski lifts with a few important design alterations. It works by pulling you on your water skis, wakeboard or any other towed watersports device, around a lake. Cables are erected 8 - 12 meters above the water's surface and you are pulled with a variable speed electric motor capable of maintaining speeds up to 30 km/h.


Cable riding is safe, clean, quiet, and environmentally friendly. The system is controlled by a computer and operator and takes relatively little power. Since cable riders are pulled via electric power motors instead of motorboats, there is no risk oil or fuel contamination.


The major advantage of cable riding is that there is no expensive motorboat needed, this makes it very affordable for the individual rider. With new  cable parks being built every year in North America and with the ever-increasing numbers of wakeboarders and wakeskaters taking to the cable, the future of cable parks are looking very bright.



All Boarder Pass Locations are proud to utilize The Sesitec System 2.0 - two tower Cable System. System 2.0 is world’s best selling two-tower system. It has been used at more professional level events around the world than any other. System 2.0 is the leader of a new generation of portable straight-line cables systems.


A System 2.0 makes learning to wakeboard easy and playful. The upwards pull enables effortless starts and has proven to provide a steep learning curve to beginners. With its continuous ride and strong tension it also allows advanced riders to progress water tricks or improve their rail-riding skills rapidly.





Each Boarder Pass location has unique features that will entice the beginner and advanced rider alike. Whether your looking to go BIG or just lock onto your first box or rail, we have what your looking for.

Established in 2010 and now having 3 locations, Boarder Pass was the first straight-line cable wakeboarding company in Ontario and is the largest of it’s kind in Canada reaching more Canadians than any others.


Our 3 locations operate during the summer months, teaching wakeboarding lessons to people of all ages and abilities. In 5 years of business we have introduced over 10,000 people to the sport.

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